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    Want to set up a home and a good investment in Asia? Singapore is one of the favorable choices. Due to the Singapore housing policy favourable to senior Singapore citizens, it puts the web amateur designer Tracy launching this website to seek for potential buyer of her property. While looking for one buyer, Tracy also devotes her times to provide more related information for all readers.

    Tracy and her family immigrated to Singapore from Hong Kong in 1992. As part of all Singaporeans, they are proud of Singapore. Singapore in Malay is Singapura. Singa means Lion, and pura means City. Independence since 1965 with administration language in English,the Lion City has been developed into one of the world’s busiest port. By population around 5 millions and small area size, Singapore has lots of modern skyscrapers mixed with traditional and stylish Chinese, Indian and Malay buildings. It's famous for fantastic shopping, exciting nightlife and the first-class airport. With large and growing high-net-worth population and increasingly the home of choice for wealthy Asians throughout the region, Singapore attracts top financial services, luxury services and a strong offshore financial services business regionally. For example the Marina Bay Sands Casino opened in 2010, it was billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property ever seen. Besides, Singapore is one of the top living places for family, in terms of sound education system and being a futuristic green designed country.

     And same as other developed countries, Singapore is one of the world's most expensive countries. Though the price of Singapore private property sector fell currently, for those who's interested in acquainted experiences of local Singaporean's residential neighborhood, Tracy introduces you a much cheaper choice. Her spacious public 5-room apartment (under Singapore Housing and Development Board) will be resold. Under HDB policy for elderly citizens reached 55, Tracy can apply for another HDB flat under 2-room Flexi Scheme now, providing she resells her existing 5-room flat at block 87 Redhill Close, one of the prime locations in Singapore. The block is increasing rare to find flats for resales.

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