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A Flat for Sales in one of Singapore historical monements

Redhill Introduction:

Redhill is a translation from "Bukit Merah".
Bukit Merah also known as Bukit Merah New Town, and often abbreviated as either Bt. Merah or BM, is a planning area and residential town situated in the southernmost part of the Central Region of Singapore. The town borders Tanglin to the north, Queenstown to the west and the Downtown Core, Outram and Singapore River districts of the Central Area to the east. Bukit Merah also shares a maritime boundary with the Southern Islands planning area located beyond the town's southernmost point.With the earliest records of Bukit Merah's existence in the Malay Annals, the town had a huge role to play in the early maritime trade of the Kingdom of Singapura.The town's fertile red soil was employed to great effect, when it was a district rich in gambier cultivation during British colonial rule. Even before the industrialization of Jurong, Bukit Merah already had a small head start in the emerging heavy industry market in Singapore. With the first brickwork factories and mills emerging in the precincts of Henderson Hill and Redhill as early as the 1930s.The town is also home to the first housing estate in the country, Tiong Bahru Estate, which was developed by the Singapore Improvement Trust in the backdrop of a rapidly growing population in post-war Singapore. The estate later became the basis of what would eventually become the first new town in the Republic, Queenstown. ”Bukit Merah” translates to "Red Hill" in Malay, and is a reference to the red-couloured lateritic soil found on the hill. According to the Sejarah Melayu, Singapore used to be plagued by swordfish attacking the people living in the coastal regions. A young boy named Hang Nadim proposed an ingenious solution, to build a wall of banana stems along the coast at the present location of Tanjong Pagar. When the swordfish attacked, their snouts were stuck in the stems. With the swordfish problem solved, Hang Nadim earned great respect from the people, but also jealousy from the rulers. The King, Paduka Seri Maharaja, finally ordered his execution, and it was said that his blood soaked the soil of the hill where he was killed, giving rise to the red-coloured hill.
The hill was eventually trimmed to its current state in 1973, when it made way for Redhill Close and what would eventually become Henderson Secondary School. During its existence, a Chinese cemetery was situated on the reverse side of this hill, which is today, the location of Tiong Bahru. [wikipedia]

Good investment for family holding 2 permanent residents of Singapore

Eligibility of buying HDB resales

Are you interested in:

Hello Dear Buyers!

A spaciously designed home in residential area (Redhill)
5 mins walk to Redhill MRT Station
9 mins bus to Orchard Road

1290 sqf south-east corner apartment without roadway

Low floor facing greenery, very quiet except birdsong

Well maintained 21-year-old property
Same tenant in last 15 years

Super location - All in 5 mins' walking distance to
north for Delta Swimming Complex, east for Henderson Park
south-west for Bukit Merah Libarary, north-west for Redhill MRT Station

For free
New - Washing machine 3-head gas stove Kettle Ceiling fan Table lamps
Existing - Fridge Sony speakers Split air-con All furnitures

1 Master room 2 Common bed rooms 1 Study room
1 Living and dinning room (=5-room flat)
Plus - Storage room Drying yard Kitchen

Chinese Singaporean owner

Info. for agent fee:

In Singapore, The Council of Estate Agents does not set a fixed price for the agents Commission. This is negotiated between the agent and the client. The current market rate agents charge for HDB flat: When you are the buyer who hired an agent: 2% of the purchase price of the HDB flat, excluding GST. For GST-Registered Companies, your agent will collect a 7% GST payment from you as well.

Price for sales :

(For contact please visit "contact owner" page)

Asking price : SGD 980,000 (Max 5% negotiable)

Property market information:

(1) 1 News (2) Selling prices of private apartment (3) of HDB apartment (4) 3 Maps of Redhill

(1) A piece of news

JUST SOLD: HDB flat near Redhill MRT sold above $900,000 By Tan Chee Yuen / The Edge Property |
March 31, 2016 5:31 PM MYT Tags: just soldRedhill MRT Clarence Lane

A 1,432 sq ft five-room HDB flat in Bukit Merah/Queenstown was sold for $918,000 in March this year, according to marketing agent Tay Hwee Hua (Helen Tay) from PropNex, who is also the owner of the unit. The mid-floor unit is located at 133 Clarence Lane that was completed in 1996. This deal marks the first transaction above $900,000 at Clarence Lane. There were only two transactions concluded above $900,000 within 500m from the subject property since 2H2015. Both of them were 1,270 sq ft units from 62A Strathmore, which was completed in 2011.133 Clarence Lane is sited within 300m from Redhill MRT station of the East-West Line. Schools within 1km from the block include Gan Eng Seng Primary School and Queenstown Primary School.

(2) Selling prices of private apartment nearby

说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\private1.JPG说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\private2.JPG说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\private3.JPG

(3) Selling prices of HDB apartment nearby

(searched "HDB Apartment" "Redhill MRT" "5-room")
(Note - most results are either facing roads or far from amenities)

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(4) 3 maps of Redhill

说明: 说明: Location of Redhill说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\map1.JPG说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\map2.JPG

Here below a hidden gem of block 87 for sales, rare chance!
5-room HDB apartment introduced :

说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\img_4424.jpg说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\propertyfloorplaneng.PNG说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\overall 2.JPG说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\overall 3.JPG说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\overall 4.JPG说明: 说明: E:\tracypong com\overall 5.JPG

Neighborhood Introduction:

According to the various master plans laid out by the Urban Redevelopment Authority,
Bukit Merah is bounded by Alexandra Canal and the Singapore River to the north,
Harbourfront and Keppel Bay to the south, Kim Seng Road, Outram Road and Cantonment
Road to the east, and Alexandra Road to the west. MRT stations that serve the town
Redhill of the East West Line.

Images showing below are ALL within 5 mins' walk
from the apartment introduced :

说明: 说明: Redhill MRT station说明: 说明: Redhill MRT station说明: 说明: Redhill MRT station说明: 说明: Delta Swimming Complex说明: 说明: Delta Swimming Complex说明: 说明: Delta Swimming Complex说明: 说明: Delta Sports Complex说明: 说明: Delta Sports Complex说明: 说明: Delta Sports Complex说明: 说明: Bukit Merah Library说明: 说明: Redhill HDB Building说明: 说明: HDB Building说明: 说明: Playground under the building说明: 说明: Redhill Market说明: 说明: Redhill Market说明: 说明: HendersonPark说明: 说明: HendersonPark说明: 说明: Nice Lands nearby说明: 说明: District 3 Central South

This is the end of overall introduction. Thanks for watching!